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Studio Cancrini Law Firm has proven experience and expertise in the field of corporate law, which derives from over 30 years of legal activity in the discipline.

What is corporate law?

Corporate law is one of the most complex branches of commercial law, which studies issues relating to corporate life and the relationship between the company, its shareholders, and the administrative bodies.

The entrepreneur can be defined as an individual who creates and/or invests in one or more businesses, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The art. 2247 of the Italian Civil Code defines the Company Agreement as the Agreement through which “two or more people confer goods or services for the joint exercise of an economic activity, with the purpose of dividing the profits“. The concept of company, however, has evolved and changed in last years, and thus today there are also single-member companies and other types of entities that carry out business activities in associated form.

Why would you need an expert in Corporate Law?

The need to contact an expert in the discipline of in corporate law derives from the specificity and complexity of the regulatory framework that regulates both commercial and non-commercial companies. The lawyer specialized in this area assists the Company throughout all the necessary procedures: from the establishment of the Company, to the drafting of the Shareholders’ Agreements, of the Corporate Deeds, both in the form of minutes of the Board of Directors and Minutes of the Shareholders’ Meeting (drafted by the Corporate Secretary) and, more generally, offers assistance with regard to any issue relating to corporate governance, also taking into account the civil and criminal liability of the company and/or its bodies, as well as tax aspects.

When is it necessary to contact an expert?

Often, the assistance of a lawyer expert in corporate law is necessary when disputes arise between shareholders and/or between shareholders and the company, also in the form of corporate arbitration and, hypothetically, when questions arise regarding any loans that the shareholders have made in favor of the company.

Furthermore, the corporate lawyer becomes a reference point in the event of extraordinary operations such as the transformation, merger, demerger, or liquidation of the company, transfer of a company or business branch.

Finally, the corporate lawyer is needed whenever it is necessary in the cases of insolvency or to attempt to circumvent a possible Corporate Crisis procedure.

In addition, we guarantee a high-quality assistance in the field of international corporate law, handling the establishment of branches of multinational companies in Italy, and offer legal assistance to these companies regarding any problem, issue, litigation or legal claim that may arise on the Italian territory.

We can assist the Company, even after the establishment of its headquarters in Italy, in relation to all the aspects that characterize the development of the commercial activity and the problems inherent to it.

Another important aspect of our business is the assistance we provide to companies in the context of commercial contracts. Indeed, the management of a business requires the stipulation and execution of multiple types of contracts, for example collaboration contracts, agency contracts, preliminary sales contracts, lease contracts for movable and immovable property, services, leasing, franchising, outsourcing etc.

Our clients appreciate our lawyers’ experience and attention to detail in the drafting of these documents, which are tailored specifically for each business, with the aim of protecting the Company’s interests and limiting its responsibility.

The firm also provides legal advice regarding the negotiation and preparation of employment contracts for employees and managers of national and international companies, as well as in the writing of agency contracts relating to any type of network and organization that makes use of this type of collaboration, meeting the specific needs of the Company, to safeguard its interests.

Furthermore, our firm provides the Company accurate support in all areas that characterize the business activity, such as, among others, the advertising area, as well as relations with service providers aimed at promoting the commercial products on the market and all related aspects regarding privacy and the processing of personal data.

The Firm offers, with remarkable ability, judicial assistance, also in any arbitration proceedings connected to all these contracts, as well as in matters of unfair competition litigation.

Who can use the Firm’s services in relation to Corporate Law?

This type of service can be of particular interest for the legal representative of a company, the founding partners who intend to create a company or by any other stakeholder.


Corporate law: the experience of Studio Cancrini

Our firm has accomplished notable experience in Corporate Law, achieving important results both in the judicial field and in the field of out-of-court agreements, guaranteeing 360-degree assistance to companies, not only regarding legal issues of corporate and/or commercial law, but also for the aspects that concern banking law, corporate crisis, and tax law.

Furthermore, the Firm makes use of native English-speaking professionals specialized in International Corporate Law, as well as professionals who have an excellent knowledge of the French language.

Moreover, in recent years, Italian and European companies have begun to expand their business in Albania, because it is a country that has a developing economy and serves as a reference point for activities in the Western Balkans. Our team offers legal assistance to such businesses, with a wide range of skills, from advice on starting a business in compliance with national legislation, to advice on commercial litigation and arbitration.

Finally, our professionals have expertise in the fields of aesthetic medicine and the marketing of electromedical technologies in Italy.

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