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The Firm offers legal assistance in the fields of family, property, and succession law. Our lawyers assist the Client through an innovative interpersonal approach in all the problems that may arise in such delicate moments, such as during successions, hereditary divisions as well as during the legal separations of the spouses or throughout divorces.

Our attorneys thus deal with issues that arise from relationships between both cohabiting and married couples, also regarding filiation and procreation, always paying particular attention to the protection and well-being of minor children, in the light of the most innovative legal reforms on substantive and procedural law.


The divorce lawyer, as well as the lawyer who deals with successions and property law, in fact, is a very central figure in the management of relations both between ex-spouses and between co-heirs; therefore, it is essential to adopt a particularly attentive approach to the Client’s very personal interests and needs.


Our professionals understand the importance of protecting the Client’s interests as well as the urgency of resolving marriage disputes quickly and effectively, to minimize emotional distress and preserve, where possible, family harmony even in difficult times, such as throughout divorces.


The Firm also offers legal assistance in various areas related to these fields, such as: the signature of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, the protection of persons who are wholly or partially deprived of autonomy (guardianship, curatorship, and judicial protection of incapable adults), disputes regarding the custody of minors, and in cases of domestic violence.

Moreover, we aid our clients in operations regarding the transfer of assets, and in inheritance disputes that arise at the time of opening of successions.


In the light of the importance acquired by alternative dispute resolution methods during the last few years, our professionals are also involved in assisting the Client in the Italian Family Mediation Process so that, where conditions are favorable, recourse to judicial procedures can be avoided.


Finally, our areas of expertise which include banking and financial, corporate, labor and tax law, as well as our expertise in various legislations, allow us to assist the Client both in disputes that arise in the family, in relations with third parties, and within family-run businesses.


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