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Studio Cancrini is a law firm operating both nationally and internationally, specialized in banking and finance, commercial and corporate law, including international law, property law, family, and succession law, but also in the fields of labor law, tax, and corporate criminal law. Our team is distinguished by the personalized approach it offers each Client and the wide range of legal services offered in different languages. Versatile and multidisciplinary, our lawyers adapt to the Client’s needs, both in the extrajudicial and judicial fields, to ensure the latter’s success; the Client’s satisfaction is at the heart of our priorities.

Areas of expertise:

Criminal law

Labor law

Property Law

Banking and Finance

Our experience and professional expertise are such that we can satisfy the growing need for legal assistance and protection in relations with banks and financial structures. This is because we are specialized in the most actual and current issues regarding banking and finance, insurance, and commercial law.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Our firm can boast many years of experience in the field of corporate and commercial law, with remarkable results achieved both in the judicial field and in the field of out-of-court settlements. Our costs are in line with those of other less qualified competitors although we offer 360° support and assistance to the companies.

Corporate crisis

With our experience in the field of corporate crises, we can analyze the Company status with the objective to overcome the financial crisis. Following the assessment of the Company status, we propose legal solutions in accordance with current legislation to avoid that the worsening of the crisis leads to actual insolvency, but also, and above all, for the specific purpose of remedying and/or resolving the state of “crisis” bringing the company back to its performing status.

Consumer protection

The significant experience of our lawyers in the field of consumer protection allows us to offer legal consultancy and assistance services both in the judicial and extrajudicial fields. Our lawyers, always attentive to the needs of the Clients, offer personalized assistance to the consumer, a weaker contractor compared to professionals. We offer a peculiar defense for consumers in relations with banks and financial institutions, also by giving optimal assistance in the procedures for settling the crisis of over-indebtedness, governed by Law n. 3/2012.

Regarding this last aspect, we analyze the legal prerequisites for accessing the procedures to overcome the crises of over-indebtedness and assist consumers in carrying out all the formalities necessary to activate and conclude the procedure itself.

Furthermore, we identify all the practices that do not comply with the provisions of the Consumer Code or with the more general provisions of the Italian Civil Code. Thus, we carefully analyze the contracts and ascertain the possible existence of unfair terms pursuant to art. 33 Legislative Decree 206/2005, meaning those clauses that cause a significant imbalance in the consumer’s rights and obligations, in order to implement the corrective remedies provided by law and adequately assist our Clients throughout any legal actions to be taken.

An injustice done to the individual is a threat done to society as a whole

 – Montesquieu

Criminal Law

We advise businesses and individuals on preventative measures and compliance programs to reduce the risk to incur criminal penalties. In addition, our lawyers have in-depth experience representing clients in all phases of criminal litigation relating to businesses, corporate figures, and white-collar crimes. As regards, more specifically, the sector of Administrative Liability of Entities, we provide preventive and extrajudicial legal assistance and advice in the preparation of compliance models and throughout the related procedures, as well as judicial assistance in favor of legal entities and subjects that are under investigation or accused in criminal proceedings.

Labor Law

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we provide qualified legal advice in the field of labor law regarding all matters, in both litigation and Out-of-Court assistance. We represent both companies, employers, but also senior managers and employees in a wide range of industries.

Property Law and Real-Estate Investments

We provide legal assistance in relation to all matters relating to Real-Estate law. We support the Client in the management, development, and investment of real estate, assisting the property, investors, tenants, financed entities and lenders. Our team offers comprehensive Real-Estate advice across a range of professional services needed to meet the needs of our national and international clients.

Family and Succession Law

The Firm offers assistance in matters of Family, Property and Succession law, with a particularly attentive approach to the peculiarities of these important and delicate issues involving a very wide range of patrimonial and personal interests for our clients.

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